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Your In-Home New Jersey Family Photographer

Bringing the Art of Photography to the Comfort of Your Home, Creating Lasting Memories Where You're Most At Ease.

New Jersey Family Photographer captures a cozy moment with parents and children on a sofa
New parents with their newborn baby in a loving portrait by a New Jersey Family Photographer.

The Importance of Booking Your New Jersey Family Photographer

Booking a professional New Jersey family photographer is essential for capturing those precious, fleeting moments that tell the story of your family's journey. As a family photographer New Jersey, I specialize in documenting milestones with high-resolution, beautifully composed images that stand the test of time. My approach provides a stress-free experience, allowing your family to relax and enjoy the session while I handle all the details. I focus on capturing genuine, candid interactions that reflect your family's unique dynamics, ensuring a cohesive set of images that narrate your family's story. With professional editing and expert guidance on styling, locations, and poses, I create heirloom-quality prints and albums that can be cherished and passed down through generations. My adaptability to various family settings and efficient time management ensures a smooth, enjoyable session, tailored to your specific needs.

Ramon Trotman Studio is the Perfect Choice for Making Memories of Your Family

At Ramon Trotman Studio, I combine a passion for storytelling with years of professional experience to deliver unparalleled family photography. Utilizing the latest photography tools and techniques, I capture the essence of your family's love and connection in each shot. Whether it's a family portrait session, maternity photography NJ, or newborn photography, my attention to detail and understanding of the human experience ensure that every image is a work of art. I go beyond just taking photos; I create a narrative that you and your loved ones can relive for years to come. My services are tailored to provide a luxurious experience from start to finish, making me the ideal choice for documenting your family's most precious moments. With my expertise, you can trust that your memories will be captured with the highest level of artistry and care.

Professional In Home Family Photography Packages


Create lasting memories with our exclusive family photography pricing packages. Each package is carefully curated to capture your family's unique moments, ensuring every smile and laugh is preserved forever. Included in all packages are the following comprehensive services:

  • Pre-photoshoot consultation via phone or video call to plan your perfect session.

  • Professionally retouched digital high-resolution photos, capturing your family's essence.

  • Professional digital image delivery with options for physical prints to adorn your home.

  • Travel to and from the photoshoot location for your convenience.

Platinum Package

  • Starting at 3 hours of camera time

  • Price: 1400

  • Add-ons: 175 per additional hour for those moments you just don’t want to end.

Gold Package

  • 2 hours of camera time, perfect for capturing a wide array of moments and groupings.

  • Price: 1000

Silver Package

  • 1 hour of camera time, ideal for a quick session to capture those essential family portraits.

  • Price: 700

Let me help you capture the heart and soul of your family with our professional photography services. To customize your experience and make it as unique as your family, reach out for a personalized quote. I am excited to collaborate with you and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

a new born baby boy hanging out
New Born baby hanging out in the family living room
A mother and her toddler having fun running around the family yard
Two cousins hanging out at their 2 year old birthday party
Union County NJ Family Photographer Ramon Trotman Studio

Tennille Green: Exceeding Expectations with Personal Connection

Ramon is more than a photographer; he's a compassionate professional who connects with his clients, easing any nervousness and excitement. He exceeded expectations with my daughter's prom photos, providing an excellent experience that goes above and beyond.

Union County NJ Family Photographer Ramon Trotman Studio

John Donato: Elevating Family Photography with Professionalism and Creativity

Ramon provided a fantastic experience during our family photo shoot. He was exceptionally professional and well-prepared, showcasing his creative eye that sets him apart from other photographers. I wholeheartedly recommend Ramon for anyone in need of exceptional pictures!

Union County NJ Family Photographer Ramon Trotman Studio

Emily Pinzur: Impressed with Quality and Service!

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ramon for our family's 50th anniversary celebration. His thoughtful approach to capturing group photos, genuine interest in our preferences, and charming interactions with guests made the experience exceptional. We were impressed by the quality of the photos and videos, as well as the prompt delivery. We wholeheartedly recommend him and would gladly hire him again!

How to Get Started on Your New Jersey Family Photography Journey

Starting your family photography journey with Ramon Trotman Studio is designed to be seamless and enjoyable. Here’s how to get started:


Schedule Your Video Consultation: The first step is a face-to-face video consultation where we discuss your vision and expectations for the session. This allows me to understand your specific needs and tailor the experience to meet them.

Fill Out the Questionnaire: Once the consultation is complete, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire to provide all the necessary information for your session. This helps me plan and prepare to capture your family's unique story.


Review Invoice, Contract, and Pay Retainer: To confirm all details and secure your session date, you will review and sign the contract, pay the retainer, and finalize the invoice. This step ensures that all expectations are clear and agreed upon.

Let’s Make Magic: With everything in place, we can focus on creating beautiful images. During the session, I will work discreetly and efficiently to capture every important moment, allowing you to enjoy your time with your family.


As your trusted family photographer based in New Jersey, I am dedicated to providing a luxurious, memorable photography experience that captures the essence of your family's love and connection. Whether you're looking for a family and newborn photographer, a lifestyle family photographer, or someone to document special milestones, Ramon Trotman Studio is here to create timeless images that you will treasure foreverAct now to secure your session—spaces fill quickly!

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