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What happens after your Portrait Photography session

Updated: Apr 16

After your portrait session, your photographer's work is not done yet. They will spend time editing and retouching your photos to create a polished and beautiful final product. In this blog post, I will explain what a portrait photographer will be doing after the session.

Selecting the Best Photos

The first step after a portrait session is for the photographer to review all the photos taken and select the best ones to edit and retouch. This may involve deleting any blurry, underexposed or overexposed photos, and selecting the ones that best capture your unique personality and style.

Editing the Photos

Once the photographer has selected the best photos, they will begin editing them. This may involve adjusting the color balance, brightness, contrast, and exposure to create a polished and professional look. The photographer will also crop the photos and adjust the framing if needed.

Retouching the Photos

An essential step in portrait photography post-processing is retouching. To achieve a flawless appearance, this entails getting rid of any blemishes, wrinkles, or defects. Your images will be meticulously retouched by the photographer using programs like Adobe Photoshop while maintaining the authenticity of your skin tone and facial features.

Delivering the Final Product

The photographer will provide you the finished result following editing and retouching. This could entail sending you a digital gallery of the images or printing and mailing the images to you. The photographer and the package you've chosen will determine the delivery method.


After delivering your finished product, a competent photographer will get in touch with you to check on your satisfaction with the results. In order to enhance their offerings and give you a fantastic experience in the future, they might also solicit feedback.

In conclusion, your photographer will spend time editing, retouching, and delivering your finished product following your portrait session. The best images will be carefully chosen, edited to give them a polished and professional appearance, and retouched to give them a perfect appearance. The photographer wants to give you a lovely, unique portrait that you will treasure for years to come.

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