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What to expect from your Portrait Photographer during your photo session

Updated: Apr 16

A professional photographer will know how to make a stunning and individualized portrait that portrays your distinct personality. Portrait photography is an art form that demands talent and creativity. You might be wondering what a portrait photographer will be doing during your session if you're organizing one. I'll outline what to anticipate during your portrait session in this blog article.

Pre-Session Consultation

Before your portrait session, your photographer will likely schedule a pre-session consultation. This is an opportunity for the photographer to get to know you, understand your vision for the portrait, and discuss any details or preferences you may have. During this consultation, you can also discuss the location, wardrobe, and any props you may want to include in the portrait.

Setting Up

When you arrive at the photo shoot location, your photographer will begin setting up their equipment and preparing the space for the portrait session. This may involve setting up lighting, adjusting the background, and arranging any props or accessories.


During the portrait session, your photographer will guide you through posing and positioning. This may involve adjusting your posture, facial expressions, and hand and body placement to ensure that the portrait captures your unique personality and style. A skilled photographer will be able to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, which can help create a natural and beautiful portrait.


In order to achieve the appropriate feel and style for the image, your photographer will employ lighting equipment. Lighting is a crucial component in portrait photography. Depending on the setting and time of day, this can include employing either natural or artificial light. The lighting will be adjusted by the photographer to achieve the desired result and make sure the portrait is well-lit and attractive.

Taking Photos

Your photographer will shoot a number of pictures throughout the portrait session, capturing various stances and facial expressions. They might employ various perspectives and methods to produce a range of photos, including close-ups, full-body views, and spontaneous ones. A skilled photographer will also consider the surroundings and background, making sure that they complement the portrait.

Reviewing Photos

Your photographer will go over the pictures after the portrait session is over and choose the best ones for editing and retouching. This could entail editing the photographs' color, brightness, and contrast as well as eliminating any blemishes or flaws.

Finally, a portrait photographer will direct you throughout the portrait session, including pre-session consultation, posing, lighting, and taking pictures. You may feel more at ease and in control during your portrait session and collaborate with your photographer to produce a stunning and unique portrait that you will treasure for years to come by being aware of what to expect.

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